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Free APA Style Online Course!

The StyleEase Writing Information Site offers a professionally designed, easy to use online course to teach students how to write a paper according to the 6th Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association and uses our StyleEase for APA Style software to make the process easy.  

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This free course is designed to teach you the basics of writing a paper in APA Style, and uses our StyleEase for APA Style software to make the process easy. The course will assist you in writing your first APA formatted paper, with simple assignments that help you work your way through your paper.

The course is broken into 8 simple lessons, each of which can be completed in very little time. Optional assignments apply the lessons to construction of your first paper. Here's the table of contents for the course:


Lesson 1      About APA Style and Document Types

  Introduction About Lesson 1.
  About APA Style All about APA Style -- history, usage, governing body, etc.
  Document Types Descriptions of common doc types, including paper, term paper, research paper, thesis, dissertation, and journal article.
  Style Variations Common additions and exceptions to standard APA Style.


Lesson 2      A Tour of Writing in APA Style

  Introduction About Lesson 2.
  About Software for APA Style Discusses the use of software to simplify writing in APA Style, including what software does, why one should use, and a list of products.
  About Your Software Quick description of the features included in StyleEase.


Lesson 3      Page and Paragraph Formatting

  Introduction About Lesson 3.
  Page Layout Page layout in APA Style.
  Text Layout Text and paragraph formatting in APA Style.
  Sections and Pages Adding chapters, sections, and special pages to your documents.


Lesson 4      References and Citations

  Introduction About Lesson 4.
  About References Introduction to reference entries and citations in APA Style.
  General Rules General terms and rules for APA reference entries.
  Reference Types Summary and examples of the commonly used reference types.
  Citations All about reference citations in APA Style.


Lesson 5      Referring to Online Materials

  Introduction About lesson 5.
  Online References All about referring to original material found on the Internet.
  Online Versions All about referring to online versions of material that originated in print or other format.


Lesson 6      Adding Tables, Figures, and Special Lists.

  Introduction About lesson 6.
  Including Tables in Papers All about adding tables to APA-style document, including formatting, placement, borders, captions.
  Including Figures in Papers All about adding figures (images) to APA-style document, including formatting, placement, borders, captions.
  Other Special Sections Describes other special sections that might be included in an APA-style document.


Lesson 7      Language Usage in APA Style

  Introduction About lesson 7.
  General rules General language usage rules in APA Style.
  Neutral, unbiased language Specifics of using neutral, unbiased language.
  Abbreviations APA abbreviation rules.


Lesson 8      Finalizing a Document for Submission

  Introduction About lesson 8.
  Print Preparation Tasks All about updating a document prior to printing, including updating special lists, sorting references, fixing pagination, etc.
  Proofreading and Editing Proofreading tips, including symbols used by copy editors. Information on finding a professional editor and what that experience will be like.