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Installing StyleEase

The StyleEase Installer takes less than a minute to install StyleEase on your computer. Just double-click the installer, and click through a couple screens to complete the process.

We encourage you to read the ReadMe file that displays when the installer finishes.

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  • If you have purchased StyleEase on a CD, simply insert the disc into the drive on your computer, and the StyleEase installer starts automatically.
  • If you have purchased StyleEase as a download, you can click the link you received in the email we sent you to download the installer, and then double-click the downloaded installer. If you're having trouble finding your downloaded installer (it is usually in your Downloads folder), you can search on your computer for the file.
Windows Double-click the downloaded .exe file, which will be named as follows:
*Note: You will not see the .exe if you have file suffixes hidden on your computer, which is typical on Windows systems.
MacOS Double-click the downloaded .zip file, and then double-click the unzipped .pkg file. The MacOS installer files are named as follows:

You need to agree to the StyleEase license agreement, click the Next button once or twice, and click the Finish button at the end of the installation process, which takes only a few minutes.

To create a new StyleEase document in Word:

Windows Click the Start Menu and then StyleEase.
MacOS Click New from Template in Word 2011, and then select StyleEase from the My Templates folder

Make sure StyleEase macros are enabled, so that you can use our features.