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We love APA formatting software

Why Buy StyleEase?

Why should you buy StyleEase? We offer the best software and help on the market, quality support, fair pricing ($35), instant availability, and superior reliability.

StyleEase seamlessly brings together all aspects of creating and modifying your documents into one simple yet sophisticated whole. It formats every aspect of your document, compiles a database of reference entries, and guides you through every aspect of writing your paper.

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StyleEase features include:

Always Up to Date with the requirements of APA, MLA and Chicago/Turabian Styles!
Integrates into Word 2007/Word 2010 with its own ribbon tab    
Integrates into Word 2011 on MacOS
Automatic formatting for all types of papers - college essays and research papers, Master Theses and Doctoral Dissertations
Formats Margins, Title Page, Table of Contents, Headers/Footers according to Style
Simple interface for inserting figures, tables and addional pages such as Copyright, Table of Figures, and Appendixes
One screen entry of all reference and citation information with example text to guide your data entry   
Color coding identifies required or optional fields ensuring that all required data has been entered
Inserts reference entries into papers    
Automatic sorting of references in accordance with Style in your Bibliography
Captures references and citations in a database for simple reuse in all your papers          
Integrated, easy to use help system                    
Free expert technical support

Check our customer comments to see what some of our many satisfied users have to say about StyleEase.

Our Getting Started with StyleEase page takes you on a one page tour of using the most important features of our software.

Buy directly from us, or buy us at various resellers, including Fry's, Journey Ed, Academic Superstore, MBS Direct, and many college bookstores.