Support for StyleEase Customers

Effective Dec. 29, 2015, StyleEase Software ceased operations.

This page contains answers to the support questions that constitute 99% of all inquiries over the past three years. Please read this carefully, as we're certain that if we can answer your question, it IS answered here.

Finding Your Registration Information

To transfer StyleEase to a different computer, you need your StyleEase license number and the email address you used when you registered. You can click the StyleEase About button or menu choice to see your information. If that's not possible, you can use this web page to find your registration information:

Transferring Your Copy of StyleEase to a Different Computer

To transfer your license to a new computer, copy your license number onto the clipboard, and then paste it into the form on this page:

StyleEase will immediately send you a new link to download a copy you can install on the new computer, using your same registration information.

Re-downloading StyleEase

You can also use your license number and email address to download and reinstall StyleEase on your computer:

StyleEase will immediately send you a new link to download a copy you can install on your computer.

Other Common Support Issues

The following table contains solutions for our most common support issues:

Enabling StyleEase

To enable StyleEase with Word on a PC:

  1. Open Word
  2. Click File and then Options
  3. Click Trust Center and then Trust Center Settings
  4. Select the radio button marked Disable all macros except digitally signed macros
  5. Click OK
  6. Click Add-ins, then choose Word Add-ins in the Manage section.
  7. Click Go, then in the pop-up window that display, select StyleEase. If you don't see StyleEase, follow these steps:
    1. Click Add
    2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\StyleEase
    3. Double-click the StyleEase dotm document (with yellow exclamation point)
    4. Click Open
  8. Add StyleEase to your Trusted Locations:
    1. Click File and then Options
    2. Click Trust Center and then Trust Center Settings
    3. Click Trusted Locations, then Add New Location
    4. Navigate to C:\Program Files\StyleEase
    5. Click OK twice
Using StyleEase with Word 365 StyleEase does not work with Office 365
Using StyleEase with MacOS Word 2016 StyleEase does not work with Word 2016 on MacOS
MacOS reinstall doesn't work

If you are trying to reinstall StyleEase on MacOS and get a message that tells you it can't be installed because a newer version already exists, you'll need to delete some system files before you can install the current version of StyleEase:

  1. Find the StyleEase Application Support folder:
    1. In Finder, click the Go menu, then hold the Option key, and click Library.
    2. In the Library window, click Application Support.
    3. You'll see the StyleEase folder in the Application Support folder.
  2. Delete all of the files except for your database file in that folder.
    NOTE: If you have created a StyleEase references database file (StyleEaseAPADb.dat, StyleEaseChiDb.dat, or StyleEaseMLADb.dat), DO NOT delete it.
  3. Remove the StyleEase template file:
    1. Navigate to Application Support Folder/Microsoft Folder/Office Folder/User Template Folder/My Templates Folder
    2. Delete the StyleEase Template file
Footnotes changing to endnotes

Some users of StyleEase for Chicago StyleEase have experienced an issue with Word suddenly switching from inserting endnotes to footnotes. We've been unable to determine the cause of this problem; however, we do have a solution that works:

  1. Allow Word to create footnotes to endnotes (or vice-versa)
  2. When your paper is ready to submit, create a duplicate copy of it, and tell Word to convert all footnotes into endnotes (or endnotes to footnotes) in that copy (changing the copy allows you to preserve the StyleEase original in case something goes wrong):
    1. In Word's References tab, click Footnotes to reveal the Footnote settings dialog.
    2. Click the Convert button.
    3. Click the option that you want, then click OK.
    4. Click Close.
Footnote numbering out of sequence

This is an issue in Word that seems to occur when you are using Track Changes, and is easily resolved:

  1. In Word's References tab, click Footnotes to reveal the Footnote settings dialog.
  2. Make sure that Numbering is set to Continuous