Transfer Your StyleEase License to a Different Computer

Use this form to transfer your StyleEase license, which means it will be deactivated on the computer on which it is currently registered, and can then be activated on any computer (including the same one). Customers typically use this form when one of these issues has occurred:

  • Your computer crashed and you had to wipe out your software, including a previously registered copy of StyleEase.
  • You had to install a new hard drive or reinstall Windows and lost your Windows registry, so StyleEase is no longer registered on your computer, even though it is registered in our database.
  • You got a new computer and want to use StyleEase on it instead of on your old computer.

Please fill in both fields in the form, then click the Transfer My License button. You'll be directed to our cart, where you can complete the purchase. After you've purchased the update, please restart StyleEase; your subscriptions will be instantly updated.

Note that you can find the email address and license number you previously registered by clicking the About button in the StyleEase ribbon tab or menu. You can copy the license to the clipboard and paste it in below.

Please download and install the new copy of StyleEase, then activate it with your same license. You must install the newest version of StyleEase, or your activation will not work properly.